NEXT MEETING - RUGBY 19th September 2016

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How Jim Haliburton, HMO Daddy, created the largest 220 Bed HMO in the West Midlands

What did Jim learn creating the Largest 220 Bed HMO conversion in the West Midlands?

You will be truly inspired by Jim and his latest HMO project as he explains how he found this property, negotiated the deal from its original marketed price before then creatively structuring the deal with the vendor for maximum benefit for both parties. This no money down deal is a real cash machine and a mega monthly cash flowing deal.

Jim will share what he has learnt over the course of the evening. How stepping up from standard house conversions to HMO's gave him new challenges explaining the mistakes he made and what he learnt on this latest mega HMO project. What the differences he encountered in a commercial to residential conversion. How he successfully navigated planning and huge Section 106 payments were avoided.

Jim has a wealth of experience in HMO's with over 140 Houses, 1000+ rooms let, 30 single lets and 19 Lease Options before this project and Jim is always happy to share his knowledge to those who genuinely want to learn.

Arsh Ellahi is currently the director of a highly successful group of property companies operating in and around the Midlands. His ‘can do’ attitude along with his bold approach to property has made him somewhat of a rare bread within his field.

Arsh refuses to believe that being a ‘One Trick Pony’ makes a successful property investor. With this in mind, Arsh specialises in the following:

- Fully Exclusive HMOs
- Flipping / Trading Properties (100+ properties traded in 2015)
- Deal Sourcing
- Rent 2 Rent
- Small Developments

By looking at different property strategies, Arsh has created sustainable 3 step Short, Medium & Long Term businesses which allows him to make money at every stage, thus allowing him to consistently increase his personal portfolio.

Regardless of where you are in your property journey, the talk will have a strategy which fits with you. Whether you have cash or not, there will be a way for you to make money in property. The talk itself will be light hearted, humorous and thought provoking. The question is – can you really afford to miss it?

Meeting Details:

Speaker: Jim Haliburton and Arsh Ellahi
Venue: Dunchurch Park Hotel, Rugby Rd, Dunchurch, Warwickshire CV22 6QW
Time: 6pm - 9.30pm
Tickets: £15 online / £20 on the night
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