Boris Build Build Build

Build, Build Build – Boris Johnson announces about his Build Britain out of Covid-19

1st August 2020 standalone blocks of flats built before 1st July 1948 and 5th March 2018 that are 3 stories high or more you can add an extra 2 floors on.

There are limits covered in the video – no more than 30m total building height plus new floors cannot be more than 7m high.

This is an amendment to Part 20 of Schedule 2 of the GDPO 2015. Although badged as permitted development is a Prior Approval application with neighbour notification

There are amendments to Class O Office conversion to residential which requires a detailed floor plan and all rooms must have natural light.

Retail and commercial conversions debated and discussed

Episode 5 of Planning pants, covering all sorts of topics, and going over Boris’s “Build, Build Build!” plan. Re-Purposing Commercial Property & More!

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