BREAKING NEWS – Changes to Class G

BREAKING NEWS — changes to Class G planning permission regulations

Class G of the GDPO a permitted development right to create 2 flats on the upper floors without asking the council for a Use Class E building has been consigned to history. From the 1st August 2021 CLASS G CHANGES 2 Flats above a shop/office Currently fully permitted development As from 1st August 2021 will require the Prior Approval of the Local Planning Authority you need to seek permission from the council to create 2 flats

Linda Wright and Andrew Roberts have dissected the 16 pages of Statutory Instrument 814 and simplify the changes when they produced this easy to understand reference guide to inform you of what has changed.

Matters to be considered by the council:
• Contamination risks
• Flooding risk
• Impacts of noise from commercial premises on occupiers
• Provision of adequate levels of natural light to all habitable rooms
• ** NEW **Arrangements for storage & management of domestic waste

These changes will mean you need to take different actions to create new dwellings above Use Class E shops and offices.

Interestingly There is no requirement for a transportation review and no mention of meeting National Space Standards as Part W of the GDPO does not require that.

Good News is that these changes come with a 56 day approval process and a deemed consent if the council fail to respond in the timescales.

The NEW Class G highlights a new direction of travel for Prior Approvals with waste management being an issue for lots of local authorities and relegating transportation. Have these changes been highlighted or driven by COVID

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