Class G Opportunities! What you need to know about Statutory Instrument 814. With Linda Wright!

Statutory Instrument 814 updates Class G which condemned permitted development to create 2 flats above a retail space to the bin. New Super Class G is a prior approval to create 2 flats above a Use class E commercial space.

As well as detailing the opportunities we bust a few myths about what you can and can’t do under the New Class G changes.

How Windsor and Maidenhead Council rejected a class G planning application based on the fact a corridor was required to gain access to the flats. Stay tuned – we will release a video on this appeal and the outcome.

We answer questions such as
– Can you create flats on the ground floor?
– Does Class G have to comply with National Space Standards under Schedule 2 of the GDPO 2015?
– Can we make micro flats in London
– Can we use part of the ground floor for a flat ie a kitchen or bathroom?
– Household Waste Management policy what is it?
– Can I use the flats I create using class G as serviced accommodation (SA)?
– Can I use the flats as HMO’s created using Class G?
– What does a single household mean?
– Will I get a knock on the door from a planning enforcement officer?
– How do I get a certificate of Lawfulness?
– Can I use class G to create above flat above an use class F2 shop?
– How much will a class G application cost?

New Class M Permitted Development announced in statutory instrument 814

Opportunities with Class G include creating flats above use class E uses health centres or clinics, GP surgeries, former A1, A2, A3, Shops, banks, betting shops, accountant / solicitors office, restuarants and cafes, B1 Offices, Light Industrial units, Day Nurseries or creches, Day Centres, Gyms and sports centres, betting offices and payday loan shops

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