Andy Gwynn

AndyGwynnAndy Gwynn

Andy is a leading Business Coach, Speaker & Author who has coached 100’s of Business Owners & corporate Directors to greater profitability, more free time and successful relationships across their business and personal lives. He has addressed audiences such as the Institute of Directors and international audiences throughout Europe and as far afield as New Zealand.

Andy has helped 100’s of businesses to generate more sales through their use of Linkedin and is now recruiting franchisees to become world class Linkedin & social media Trainers & Coaches .

Andy’s flagship keynote presentations are:

“How to Get More Business, Avoid Cold Calling & Massively Leverage Your Time with Your Use of Linkedin” & “How to Re-Boot Your Neck Top Computer & Control Your Inner Critic” – Why most people know what to do but just DON’T do it!

Andy has been trained and spoken with some of the best speakers & Trainers in the world and his passion is teaching world class leadership, communication and sales skills. He will challenge your audience’s thinking and inspire them to take action towards more empowering results.

Andy has helped client’s double and triple their businesses and even helped them take their business
from close to bankruptcy to selling for a million in just 19 months.

Andy is Co-Author of “The Business Coach” Member ISMM (Institute Sales & Marketing Management)