Deri Lewellyn-Davies

Deri Llewellyn-DaviesDeri is more commonly known as “The Strategy Man”

When it comes to Deri Llewellyn-Davies, the phrase ‘suited and booted’ takes on a new meaning: there aren’t many men out there who spend their days in a pinstriped three-piece and their spare time climbing the highest summits in the world. Deri loves business and adventure in equal measure and his same motivation underpins both: a fascination with life and a curiosity that always leads him to ask, “Why?”

That questioning is key in his role as CEO of Business Growth International, as he helps leaders in both FTSE 500 and entrepreneurial companies to take their businesses (and themselves) to the next level. With over 15 years’ experience of the commercial markets, Deri knows that whatever issues his clients are facing – from funding shortages to management fall-outs, corporate redundancy to bankruptcy – he’s personally been there and got the T-shirt. And it’s exactly that experience which fuels his ability to look at their business and connect the hidden dots, to lead him to the heart of the issue. Whatever issues his clients are facing – he’s personally been there and knows exactly what they need to excel.

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Deri has helped to transform many landlords property portfolios into high cash flowing property businesses helping you transition to the next level.