Gary Foster

Gary Foster

Gary FosterGary is a philosopher of motivation and success who uses the power of humour to get his message across.

He shares common-sense, obvious principles that work for anyone, in any business, at any time, and does it through simple examples, understandable, easy-to-implement ideas.

He believes that most of us have complicated our lives way too much, and we take it way too seriously and that we need to lighten up, take responsibility, be more flexible and keep it all in perspective.

His style is provocative and he won’t let you off the hook. He leaves you nowhere to turn but to yourself. Yet his motive is one of care and support. He sincerely wants everyone to do and be better.

He is one of the true characters in the personal and professional development industry. Audiences of every type have enjoyed his humorous, thought-provoking, transformational style.