John Corey

John-Corey-300x300John Corey

John has 30+ years of experience with creative finance as it applies to real estate. He also has properties from Hawaii to Bradford.

He has experience of  property transactions in 4 countries and a portfolio that extends across 11 time zones.

Bring your tablets and phones for this will be a very interactive session with live surveys and analysis throughout the evening.

John started his IT career in Silicon Valley and work directly for Steve Jobs. While in Silicon Valley, he started property investing.

When John moved to London from Silicon Valley to working at the investment bank, Swiss Bank Corp (UBS).

John is expert at Capital raising for property transactions. Conventional and creative financing techniques for funding your property deals or for the purchase of the home you want to move into now.

He has a Deep technology background with years of professional experience and Executive management experience at international firms

John is also in the process of setting up a UK based REIT and is expert in the FCA regulations for financial promotions.

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