Kam Dovedi

Kam Dovedi 

Kam Dovedi

2016 rocked the property market. The Changes were like nothing investors and developers had seen before.

The Tax Changes. The Finance Changes. The Legislation Changes. To name just a few.

So how are these changes going to affect you in 2017?

In this special talk, Kam Dovedi; One of the UK’s Most Respected Property Investors and Developers will be sharing with you the solutions to the changes that are coming in to the property market right now, and not only how you can adapt, but how you can CASH IN on the opportunities that now exist in the property market because of these changes.

While the rest of the property market are scared, confused and frustrated with the changes that are coming in now, it is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about the practical solutions that you can implement right now, to make your property investing ‘market proof’ and to make sure your profits are safe, secure and sustainable.

Hearing Kam Dovedi’s content filled seminar will leave you feeling more relaxed, confident and clear about investing and developing in property in 2017.

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