Kevin Wright

kevinwrightKevin Wright

If you know that the property market can deliver a substantial income, but you think you need a big stash of cash – then you’ll learn something that will make a dramatic difference. If you’ve already started to build a property portfolio, but you’re finding it a slow process – you could buy multiple properties, faster, using less cash and speed things up – a lot! If you think the only ways to invest in property are cash purchase or a mortgage – you’re missing out on the third way where you can buy like a cash buyer, with all the advantages that gives you – without having huge cash reserves. Come along and learn

  • How to use Inspired Funding with the Fast Funding Formula™
  • What Powerful Positioning is all about – and how to use the Negotiation Transformer™ to get really great deals
  • How to Maximise your Return on Investment, using the JV Pro-Fit Retainer™ so your money keeps making more – and you get to keep it.
  • The secrets of Fast Fluid Finance with the Rapid Cash Recycler™ This will give you the structure for purchasing without big deposits – and still having enough money for refurbs.
  • The advantages that a Cash Buyer Mindset will give you with Ninja Investor Strategies™.You’ll be in the hands of an expert who will give you dozens of tips, great advice and a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know to revolutionise your property investments.

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