Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander serial entrepreneur and founder of has nearly 200,000 subscribers and is a provider news to the official Google News publisher network. Mark again has over 30+ years experience investing and has had a high profile career successfully suing the West Bromwich Building Society for £27m and deveopling in partnership with Mark Smith tax planning solutions to Section 24.

Mark is location independent having built his business to enable him to live and work wherever he chooses.

Mark chose Property as his medium to achieve financial independence. He has been renting property since 1989, both residential and commercial.

The commercial finance brokerage he established in 1990 ranked #38 in The Sunday Times Profit Track 100 in 2008. That was the year before he retired from Financial Services.

He was a founder of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers “NACFB” back in 1992 and served on both the executive committee and the steering group before that. He remains a committed advocate and Associate member.

Mark was a key influencer in the regulation of Sale and Rent Back “SARB” and worked closely with the OFT to produce their report which lead to FCA regulation.

The Property118 online landlords community he founded has nearly 200,000 subscribers and is a provider news to the official Google News publisher network.

Mark shares his business and property related experiences with anybody who cares to listen via public speaking and electronic communications. Mark has helped thousands of landlords to build highly lucrative portfolios of investment property. Mark has also helped several businesses to achieve their full potential by sharing my experiences and helping them to promote theirs.

Mark is driven by prestige and particularly motivated by online marketing, law and business expansion. He has a contagious passion for people development. He inspires and motivate people we all prosper together. These are the qualities which he believes have been the key in helping me develop such a diverse range of successful teams. Whilst technically he is retired from ‘the day job’ he works harder than ever in non-exec roles within other peoples businesses.