Mark Dearing

Mark Dearing

Mark DearingI have been in property since 2002 when I bought my first investment property. In 2007 after successfully building up my portfolio and after doing up a couple of houses and selling on (flips), I joined Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind program 1.

Since then I have continued to keep at the forefront of property with networking events, as well as attending many property courses and meetings around the country. I continue to buy below market value (BMV) properties where i can and add value for my clients.

I have successfully mentored over 200 people since 2010 with great results. I am now launching in partnership a mentoring company offering a one day seminar, along with a 3 month and 6 month course for beginners who want to get on to the property market and be successful.

In 2015 I launched “Northamptonshire Properties Ltd” with the specific role of finding properties “To Order” for any investor. Special attention is given to the due diligence ensuring it is the right project for you. I will negotiate property investment opportunities to suit your needs whether you are just starting on the property ladder or wanting to build your portfolio. All I ask is that you simply answer a few questions, tell me what it is you want and I will deal with the rest of it for you!

So if you are new to investing or an investor that simply doesn’t have the time to find properties and you are looking for a good return on investment (R.O.I) then let me take the hard work away for you and find you the right deal.

What I bring to the table is expert knowledge, the best advice and the best service from me.

Here’s some of what I can offer you:

Personal 1 to 1 advice to help you achieve what you want.

Professional coaching and mentoring services.

Property education through seminars and courses.

Sourcing the right properties or land to suit what it is you want.

I bring expert knowledge of the area saving you time and money.