Peter Hogan

Peter HoganPeter Hogan

Peter Hogan, a serial entrepreneur and businessman, is celebrating his 32nd year in property investment.

He bought his first BTL in Jersey March 1986 for £24,000 with OPM – a strategy he stumbled upon – and other properties followed. That first property sold 18 months later for £96,000 – a £72,000 capital gain!

Peter is the founder of The Property Investor’s Coaching Academy and offers courses, workshops and his Personal Mentoring Programme.

Today, Peter’s main areas are lease options and adverse possession, and he estimates he has between £25m – £30m worth of land and property under his control.

During his talk Peter will be showing you just how you can build a large portfolio of FREE land and property too – and all 100% legal!

This Is no ordinary talk – don’t miss it!

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