Ranjan Bhattacharya

ranjan-bhattacharyaRanjan Bhattacharya

Ranjan is one of the most accomplished and respected real estate entrepreneurs in the UK. Over the last 30 years he has built an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial property.

He is also a trending YouTuber with over 34,000 subscribers.

Recently he joined a panel of Property Angels on the popular TV show investing in other peoples development opportunities.

Ranjan is highly regarded for his commercial property expertise and is the UK’s leading provider of commercial real estate training & mentoring for property entrepreneurs.

He is also a judge for the highly coveted Property Investor Awards.

Founder of the very popular Baker Street Property Meet with around 400 regular guests in the audience.

You will find Ranjan is a sought after speaker at major industry events and a regular contributor of articles to the property press and his book Build Your Property Empire was a best