Tim Matcham

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Tim Matcham started investing in property when he discovered that his pension wasn’t going to provide for him in quite the way he hoped. He has a small portfolio and has done a number of joint ventures. He has raised around £2.5 million in the last few years and now coaches and mentors aspiring property investors in how to attract armchair investors. He continues to invest in his own projects and is continually looking for investors to work with on a variety of projects.

A recent survey has suggested that raising private finance is one of the biggest blockers to property investors achieving their ambitions. So much is taught about the different strategies that you can invest in, but until now there has been very little guidance on how to attract private finance to fund these deals.

Tim’s talk will highlight a proven system for attracting private finance for your property deals.

He has also written a book, available on Amazon, on the topic.

This book is designed to answer your questions and give guidance to a tried and tested way of attracting finance to your property business. You will find top tips on how to approach finding finance, as well as case studies about clients who have been taking massive action under Tim’s guidance.

This book will show you “how to fish rather than giving you fish” as the saying goes. This means you can become self-sufficient and raise all the funds that you will ever need. There will be signed copies of the book available on the evening for you.

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