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Optimal Landlord StructuresThe Optimal Ownership Structure A Property Business For UK Landlords

Taking professional advice on the optimal ownership structure for UK landlords is arguably the most overlooked aspect of financial planning.

So what is the optimal business structure for UK landlords? The answer to this questions is; there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ ownership structure. This is because everybody’s objectives are different.

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Inheritance tax and legacy planning for property company owners

As the value of the rental properties within your property company increase, so does the value of your shares and hence the value of your personal estate for inheritance tax purposes.

You may have considered gifting shares, but that could have CGT implications and what if the person you make the gift to then gets divorced or becomes insolvent?

This article from Property118 explains all.

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Extracting Equity and cutting tax bills on your portfolio

This is PART TWO of the video we launched this time last week.

In this video, Ranjan Bhattacharya and Mark Smith discuss a number of  strategies you can read about in greater detail by clicking on the cards at the bottom of this page, including:-

  1. Washing out CGT to enable better strategic decisions to be made on which properties to trade or retain
  2. Capital Account Restructuring to enable Directors Loan Accounts to exist post incorporation
  3. IHT planning benefits associated with Freezer/Growth shares

Extracting Equity and cutting tax bills

Landlord Incorporation Strategies – Update for 2020As of today, a video recorded at the Baker Street Property Meet in regards to tax planning solutions for landlords facing problems with the section 24 restrictions on finance cost relief has been watched more than 34,000 times.

The following is an update to that video, again hosted by Ranjan Bhattacharya in an interview with Property118’s Hon. Legal Counsel, Mark Smith, Head of Chambers at Cotswold Barristers.

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How to Think, Act, and PROFIT like Cash Buyers do Without Needing a Massive Bank Balance, Perfect Credit OR a Big Income with Kevin Wright

Join Kevin as he shares how you could shrink deposits to may less than 25%, make yourself irresistible to agents, find properties few others want to buy and maximise uplift values when you refinance.

Secret #1 – How to buy like a cash buyer, fast and often at a much lower price – without a big bank balance
Secret #2 – Which types of property have few competing buyers & vendors willing to accept below asking price offers
Secret #3 – How to become an estate agents ‘go-to’ investor and do deals 200-300% bigger – with your current resources

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 8:00 PM

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Tax Planning with (in association with Cotswold Barristers).

Effective landlord tax planning utilises all available tax breaks legislation provides for. Nobody in their right mind wants to pay more tax than they are supposed to pay, but not everybody knows how to go about optimising their tax position or even the existence of many forms of tax relief or ownership structures available to them.

There will never be an optimal ‘one-size-fits-all’ business structure for tax purposes. This FREE online presentation  provides a useful overview of some of the options you might like to find out more about.

Mark Smith (Barrister-At-Law) is legal counsel to Property 118 and  and Head of Chambers at Cotswold Barristers. Mark knows more about Tax planning laws than most Accountants and can help reduce your Tax burden.

Click here to view the presentation on Tax planning and Section 24

How to close more deals and negotiate better terms

Matt is an international sales trainer, but with a huge difference!  He doesn’t teach how to influence, cajole, hard-sell or convince people (like the rubbish you get from traditional sales trainers)…

What he does is simply mind-blowing and you really need to see it to believe it.  He teaches how to sell and close using your ears, and by speaking as little as possible. Matt is a master in the use of language to generate sales, close deals, get past gate-keepers and negotiate with investors of all kinds.

As a property investor (or business person in general), speaking to secure deals, negotiating the best terms and maximising all opportunities that are out there, is a key element of your success, and what Matt does, will blow you away.   I asked Matt what he could do to serve my wider community (who missed the chance to hear him speak at Great Property Meet), and so he gave me a link to a free video series he’s just released, all about his key principles in getting deals done.

To get instant access, just go to: How to Negotiate Better Deals

Get ready to be wowed!

The reason I asked Matt to come and speak at my property meet, was because I’d recently attended his 2-day training in Solihull – to say it challenged the way I looked at making sales and negotiating deals differently (and much more effectively) is an understatement – I’ve never been the same since!

So I I knew everyone at the meet would get huge value from hearing his take on the sales process, and as expected the feedback has been incredible.

So, I’ll stop talking now so you can go and check Matt out and learn from a master of his trade…   Go here to to get the video series from Matt: How to Negotiate


Entrust Property Tax Experts – Facebook Group

What to know the latest Property Tax tips? Shaz Nawaz shares daily tips on the Entrust Property Tax Experts group.

Entrust Property Tax Experts are a firm of specialist property tax experts who specialists in business growth and bespoke tax planning with a key focus on property investment. Their Facebook group is a place for members to actively contribute, add value & answer questions which will be of interest and benefit to members.

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