Giveaway Budget for Property Investors.. What This Means For YOU

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Giveaway Budget for Property Investors.. What This Means For YOU

Rishi Sunak delivers best giveaway budget 2021 for property investors. This is a budget aimed at investment and rebuilding the country outflanking other countries as we come out of the Covid-19 crisis.

What does this budget REALLY mean for property investors?

  • Good NEWS opportunities highlighted?
  • What bad news is there and how to overcome it?

Rishi Sunak budget 2021 highlights a positive and optimistic budget for Property Investors. This is a budget aimed at kick starting the economy, focused on recovery and rebuilding the economy as we exit the Covid-19 crisis. We look specifically at the opportunities and GOOD NEWS this budget holds for property investors. Also coming up what property investors should do next to plan for their business and reducing the impacts of future taxes.

Andrew’s Good News Introduction

  • Housing and property investor benefits
  • Stamp Duty cliff edge avoided and then tapered off until 30th September
  • Business Rates
  • Homebuyers 95% mortgages 100% guarantee from the government
  • Section 24 Tax planning
  • how you can reduce your Income Tax bill see our video in our Taxation playlist
  • VAT Frozen
  • Inheritance tax thresholds Frozen
  • Good News Capital Gains tax frozen NO CHANGES
  • Furlough Support
  • New Grants for businesses
  • New Kickstarter loans for all businesses from £25,000
  • Property Business Incorporation – possible tax increases after April 2023
  • Corporation tax 19% stays for small business, 25% for profits over £250,000 + taper relief
  • Rishi’s investment led recovery – 130% tax relief
  • Green Bank investment scheme of £12bn for sustainable developments & infrastructure projects
  • Vat – good news
  • Fuel Duty frozen also good news for investors
  • S162 Rollover relief per Ramsay case
  • Tax relief options to reduce your property tax bill if you can’t incorporate COMING SOON


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