HMO HOTELS? | How Sarah makes HMO’s that have something for everyone! Alt Street Property Interview

Sarah Watt joins us today from Alt Street Property, and we get to see her incredible hotel like HMO’s, she explains why she puts so much care and detail into her HMO’s and how it helps business and satisfies the tenant. Sarah also explains the struggles she went through during the COVID lockdown, and much more!

Sarah Watt is an accountant from Australia who has been investing in property with her husband Andrew for over a decade. With a varied global portfolio spanning across Sydney, Milton Keynes and Northampton, Sarah and Andrew have specialise in quick cosmetic turn arounds and have recently expanded into the premium end HMO market in Northampton.

We explore the latest project which has been dubbed ‘the Hilton of HMOs’ and what it took throughout the process, juggling day jobs with young children during a national lockdown.

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