How To Buy Property Using None Of Your Own Money

How To Buy Property Using None Of Your Own Money – FREE WEBINAR

Is it really possible to buy property using none of your own money?

The biggest CHALLENGE faced by most investors is finding ways to fund their property deals. No matter how much money you have, at some point, you will run out.

There is a common belief that you need to have a lot of money to be able to invest in property. Whilst it is true that having money will make it much easier to invest, it is possible to invest without using any of your own money.

On Wednesday (14th October) at 8pm Simon Zutshi is running a live online, 90-minute Master Class where he will teach you his FIVE creative finance strategies to grow your cash flowing property portfolio, using none of your own money.

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Here’s how you will benefit from participating in this live online training:

  • Change your thinking about how to fund your investing
  • Open your mind to the possibilities with creative finance
  • Raise your awareness of different creative finance methods
  • Learn the 5 principle methods of creative finance
  • Learn why some people can do this and others can’t

This high value online training is being hosted by Simon Zutshi, who is the author of property best seller “Property Magic” and also probably the top property trainer in the UK.

For the last 13 years, Simon Zutshi has been teaching people how to buy property using none of their own money, on his 12-month Property Mastermind Programme.

Hundreds of his Mastermind Graduates have been able to successfully acquire cash flowing property using none of their own money.

This will be the very first time Simon shares this valuable training outside of his Property Mastermind community.

I promise you that this training will blow your mind with the possibilities of what you can do once you understand how to use creative finance strategies with your property investing.

This could be a serious Game Changer for you.

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P.S. As this is a live online training, there will be the opportunity to ask Simon any questions that you have about how you can fund your property portfolio using none of your own money. There will not be a recording of this live training, because people usually do not watch recordings, so the only opportunity to learn from this valuable training is to be there in person, live online with Simon from 8pm to 9.30pm on Wednesday 14th October. Click here now to reserve your place.

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