How To Prepare For The Coming Recession

How To Prepare For The Coming Recession

It’s official. The UK has entered the worst recession in living memory, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bank of England has predicted that property prices will fall by 16% as a result.

Don’t be fooled by the current mini property boom, which is caused by the pent up demand from the lockdown period.

In October, the Government Furlough schemes come to an end and that will be the crunch point, when millions of people may be unfortunately made redundant.

Whilst no one has experienced anything like this pandemic before, we do know what happens in a property market crash.

But what does this mean for you and your property investing?

As the property market slows, there are not so many buyers and so, more and more people need to sell and thus become motivated sellers.

For those property investors who know what they are doing, this is going to be one of the best buying opportunities of the Decade. It going to be like rolling back the clock to 2009.

Now is a great time to be upskilling and improve your knowledge about how to find great property deals in your area.

When you get good at finding deals and there will be plenty of the next 3 to 6 months, you will find more than you can use yourself, so you should consider selling deals that you don’t want to other investors for a fee.

If you sold just one deal a month, very much part-time, that could make you an extra £50k a year in additional income. Would that be useful for you?

We are delighted that experienced property investor and mentor Simon Zutshi, is running a live online Master Class for his clients, all about “How to professionally source and package property deals” on Tuesday 25th August and you are also invited.

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Knowing how to find great property deals in your area, is the most important skill you need if you want to be a really successful property investor.

Unfortunately, most investors just don’t know how to find great deals, that’s why they are prepared to pay deal finders, to do it for them.

Whether you are new to property investing or already an experienced investor, becoming a deal finder is a fantastic way to earn a lot of extra income, on a part-time basis.

This high-value online training at 8pm on Tuesday 25th August is being hosted by with Simon Zutshi, who is the author of property best seller “Property Magic” and also probably the top property trainer in the UK.

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Here are some of the benefits of you becoming a deal finder:
• You get to keep the best deals for yourself
• Finding deals is a great way to build your credibility with potential investors
• This can be done on a very much part-time basis
• It is a great way to get into property if you are still working full time
• You monetise all the great deals you find but don’t want to do yourself
• You could make £50k a year, by selling just one deal a month

I do hope you seize this opportunity to learn direct from Simon Zutshi on this no-cost, 90-minute live training, on Tuesday 25th August at 8pm.

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P.S. Please don’t be fooled by the fact that this live online training is no cost to you because we know it will be packed full of actionable and valuable information, which will make you a more successful investor. The training is not recorded, it is live, so you will be able to ask Simon any questions you may have. We highly recommend you join Simon for this live online, Master Class on Tuesday 25th August at 8pm. Click here now to reserve your place.

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