In case you missed this: How to increase the cash flow from your property

In case you missed this: How to increase the cash flow from your property

We have some good news for you.

Last week we let you know about a no cost live online Master Class training, all about how to increase the cash flow from your property, run by Simon Zutshi, author of property bestseller “Property Magic”.

We have had amazing feedback already from our clients who were able to attend this live, virtual 90-minute Master Class but also had a lot of emails from people who were disappointed that they were not able to make it for this live training and felt like they missed out. There are, unfortunately, no webinar replays because this was live virtual training.

But, good news, we have spoken to Simon yesterday and he has agreed to run this valuable live Master Class training for you one more time, on Thursday 29th April. This is your second chance to attend this game changing training. Don’t miss out this time.

Click here now to reserve your place on the LIVE online training

We have received some incredible feedback about this training and so we highly recommend you attend this live online training. It will be an eye opener for you.

Why should you attend this training?

Most investors pretty much break even each month or maybe only make a few hundred pounds per month, per property.

Based on this, it hard to see how you could replace your income unless you have a portfolio of 40+ properties.  Most people are not going to acquire that many properties in a lifetime, which means they never truly replace their income from property, despite trying their best

However, there is a way of massively increasing the cash flow from your property portfolio.  Find out how on this live training, on Thursday 29thApril.

Click here now to reserve your place on this LIVE online training

This live online training is being run by Simon Zutshi, a very experienced investor who has been investing in property for over 25 years, with his first HMO back in 1998.

Simon is the founder of the property investors network, which is the original and largest network of property specific networking meetings and one of the most successful property mentors in the UK, who has helped thousands of investors, just like you increase the cash flow from their property.

On this live 90-minute training Simon will share with you:

  • How to make £1000+ profit per month, per property
  • How to increase cash flow on your existing properties
  • How to make your next property purchase more profitable
  • How to minimise your rental void periods
  • How to get rid of the hassle of managing your property
  • How to work once and get paid forever

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We do hope you seize this opportunity to learn at no cost from Simon Zutshi.

P.S. If you are not investing in HMOs yet, then you need to watch this training. If you do have HMOs but are not making at least £1000 per month profit from each HMO then you need to watch this live training. If you have 8+ properties and you are not financially independent from those properties, then you really need to watch this training.

Click here now to register for this live online training


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