Landlord Incorporation Specialists

Landlord Incorporation Specialists

If you ever consider transferring your property rental business into a Limited Company (which all landlords absolutely should do) there are four important considerations you must not overlook:-

  1. How much better off will you be? To help you to calculate this we have developed software you can download for just £97 – details via THIS LINK
  2. Will CGT be payable? Given that you will be selling your properties to the Limited Company, you will be crystalling your capital gains. Ordinarily, this would mean that Capital Gains Tax is due. However, in certain circumstances, ‘incorporation relief’ will enable you to roll some or all of the capital gains into shares in your Limited Company which you exchange for equity in your properties. The rules are explained HERE. The software mentioned above also calculates the CGT position for you.
  3. Will the company need to pay Stamp Duty when the properties are transferred into it? Given that the company is essentially buying the properties from you, Stamp Duty would ordinarily apply. However, in certain circumstances, relief is available. The rules are explained HERE. The software mentioned above also calculates the Stamp Duty position for you.
  4. Will you need to refinance? The costs of refinancing can be extremely high. Furthermore, if you are tied into mortgage deals with early repayment charges or you have particularly competitive financing terms already, it may not be economically viable for you to apply for new mortgages in the Limited Company name. However, there are legal structures available which enable you to defer new financing until it is financially viable for you, or to the end of the existing mortgage term. Details HERE.


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