LLP structure reduces landlords tax bill by 85% – CASE STUDY

LLP structure reduces landlords tax bill by 85% – CASE STUDY

When used correctly, Limited Liability Partnerships “LLP’s” can be an excellent structure for landlords, not just for tax planning but also for the evolution of rental property businesses generally. For example, many landlords wish to eventually leave a legacy to the next generation. They also wish to consider succession planning, which is something all business owners should do.

Do you want to be tied to your business until the day you die or would you like to think you can take more of a back seat when you reach retirement age?

One of the key advantages of LLP’s is that HMRC accept that it is perfectly legitimate for taxable profits to be allocated disproportionately to ownership between individual Members (not Corporate Members’ though) by paying ‘Partners Salaries’. This is very different to a PAYE salary in that it is treated as a profit share in a property investment business rather than having tax and National insurance deducted at source.

You can read more about this in HMRC’s own internal manuals, which are designed to provide guidance for tax inspectors but are also accessible to the general public – please see the link below.


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