Making property Tax Planning easy to understand

Making property Tax Planning easy to understand

Packed with TAX case studies, tax strategies and tax tips, Mark Alexander founder of Property118 in this latest interview with Andrew Roberts a chartered accountant, Mark reviews Rishi Sunnak’s 2021 Budget and Mark shares his Q1 UK Property Market predictions and as a bonus offers viewers “The ULTIMATE guide to tax planning for Landlords” – a brand new FREE ebook which you can Download Free here – – already over 10,000 downloads have been made, can you afford to miss out?

We discuss Landlord tax planning – Clearly nobody wants to pay more tax than they have to, but most property investors simply don’t know how the right questions to ask to help them legally structure their tax affairs to reduce the tax they pay. Very few know the many forms of tax relief or alternative ownership structures available to help reduce their tax burden.

Andrew always advises to look at your whole of business tax cost including your business exit, be it sale, death or gift to the next generation. Most property investors think of tax planning as just their Income Tax bill. Why? Because it’s todays pain we want to solve.

However, we will all exit our property business like it or not either through sale, death or passing to the next generation. This gives rise to the largest tax bill that most property investors fear – and quite rightly so – the tax that they pay when they sell a property (Capital Gains Tax “CGT”) and when they die (Inheritance Tax “IHT”). Take action to save tax find out more by reading the eBook then Booking A Tax Planning Consultation with the Property118 tax experts at


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