Most Popular Training – Second Chance

Last week we recommended that you join Simon Zutshi for his live online Master Class on Thursday night, all about “How to make £96k per year, part time from property”.

This was Simon’s most popular ever online training with 2019 people registered.

Unfortunately, the GotoWebinar software that Simon uses, only has capacity for 1000 people to join live online at any one time and so there were some people who were unable to get onto the training last Thursday.

The good news is that because some people were locked out of the live training, due to this capacity constraint, Simon is going to run this live training again this Thursday (27th February) at 8pm.

This means that you have a second chance to benefit from this high value training.

Click here now to register your place on this live, online Master Class with Simon

Why was this training so popular?

This is because Simon was explaining how to find great deals in your area. Once you get good at this, you will find more deals than you want to do yourself, which means you can package and sell the deals you don’t want, on to other investors.

Selling just two deals a month, part time, could make you £96k a year.

We highly recommend you seize this opportunity to join this second, live online Master Class, with Simon Zutshi this Thursday (27th February) at 8pm.

Click here now to register your place on this live, online Master Class with Simon

P.S. We have had great feedback from some our clients who did manage to get onto this live training with Simon last Thursday, and so highly recommend you reserve your place now. Click here now to reserve your place.

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