NEW ARTICLE 4’s COMING! Everything You Need to Know! | With Linda Wright!

NEW ARTICLE 4’s COMING! Everything You Need to Know! | With Linda Wright!

New article 4’s are coming! Act fast to seize opportunities before the door closes for you.

Andrew and Linda break down what you need to know about Article 4 following a review of statements from over 30 councils! They talk about the new regulations being put in place and how they feel the councils do not understand the new National Planning Policy Framework 2021 policy for new Article 4’s and what you need to know in this situation.

  • Linda helps you
  • understand what a council can and can’t do in this video
  • Article 4’s can be implemented in an emergency
  • The normal Article 4 process
  • What the NEW rules are
  • How difficult this is going to be for councils to protect buildings
  • How council statements are factually wrong
  • A reminder of the requirements to ensure quality, habitable homes are created

Andrew helps you

  • Understand what buildings are affected
  • What the government legislation actually says
  • How the legislation is intended to clip the wings of the council planning department for each local authority
  • How councils are going to have to chose Use Class E building by building to apply an article 4.

This article 4 affects all of the following buildings, Shops and retail, Banks, Offices, Restuarants, GP’s, Creche’s, Gyms, Solicitors and Accountants on the high street when seeking to convert them to C3 residential use.

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