Development Auction and residential BUY or SELL – 20th July 2020


 Panelist: Richard Bowser, Piotr Rusineck and Richard Little

Tickets: Free

Venue: Online

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Meeting will start 7pm sharp on 20th July  2020.

Will you miss the best preparation for the opportunities this decade will present?

Some of the countries top experts join us this month to give thoer insight into Development Auction and residential BUY or SELL

Richard Bowser – Richard Bowser is the editor of Property Investor News™ magazine and over the last decade has regularly spelt out to investors the inherent risk of speculative investment strategies based on low yields and excessively high loan to value borrowing. As a sought after speaker at many national property investor and regional landlord events since 2002, Richard’s views are widely recognised and valued, most importantly of course by the thousands of regular subscribers to Property Investor News™ magazine.

Piotr Rusineck – Piotr Rusinek (aka has been a London-based property investor specialising in the property auctions market for the past eight years, establishing himself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner to his clients. Over this period, Piotr has bought and sold properties worth more than twenty million pounds for his investors and himself.

Richard Little – Richard is co-founder of Property Developers Academy and has been involved in property development, planning, architectural design & construction for 39 years.

Property Developers Academy was created to provide education and support to all property developers and those wanting to understand what is involved and is the UK’s leading provider for education, training & support in property development.


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We will start 7pm sharp.


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