HMO Rebanding Documentation




HMO Rebanding – Charging Council Tax per Room

Recently Tony Dand successfully appealed at the 1st tier Land Tribunal a re-banding of his HMO council Tax for a property which was originally a Band C council tax that the VOA (Valuation Office Agency) re-banded to a Band A per room.

Here  we detail the key factor which led to the re-banding being quashed and other points of law that were not tested as the case was halted at the first point of appeal.

For full details of the legal facts of the matter, copies of documentation, emails, VOA definitions pages, Transcript of the video, arguments to consider if you are rebanded, What to do if it happens to you, Case Law the VOA sought to rely upon. The VOA sought to reference 6 cases to put their case across we discuss these in the documentation pack.

This product download contains the following documents to provide a deeper background to the case.

  • Facts of the Matter.pdf – The Case outline, The Relevant Law tested, Facts of the Matter, What if it happens to you, Other arguments to consider
  • Transcript of the Video.pdf – The full searchable transcript of the Video
  • Copy of VOA emails (personal details redacted)
  • Copy of page filed by VOA defining a Dwelling
  • Copy of court file (104 Pages) personal details redacted