Should I Buy Now or Wait Till Prices FALL? – Professors of Property

Should I Buy Now or Wait Till Prices FALL? – Professors of Property

The Dilemma: “To Buy or Not to Buy, that is the question.”

Should you buy a house right NOW – Locking in historically low interest rates? Should you wait for the property price crash and buy at a lower price risking paying a higher interest rate?

IMF Forecasts forecasts that total government debt will rise to 150% of GDP for the G20 by the end of 2021, as a result of Covid-19. Interest rates are likely to be low for a considerable period. Thus property prices could potentially be going down in price on a slow slope (2 years) The question here would the government cut expenditure or increase interests during this period of 2 years?

If you have £250K to invest which type of property is the best bet on the long term. Everything is a bet in the new “don’t know”

What is the best bet to secure your investment, your cash and one and only way to see you through financial meltdown? 1-2 houses?

A row of houses?

North or South of the Country?

Commercial property, what are the possibilities?

Do your numbers, look at the big picture. What do you know and what do you need to learn in terms of financial engagement?

With the stamp duty saving it may contribute to increasing the short term mini price bubble. But it won’t create more overall demand for property over time, it will just bring that demand sooner on the timeline. History showed a cliff edge and bigger drop after an SDLT rise.

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