Smart Property Company Structure

If it was significantly more tax efficient to do so, would you invest into more rental property?

As you may be aware, if you buy rental property in your own name you now suffer the following:

  • Income tax on profits at your marginal rate
  • Up to 28% capital gains tax when you sell, payable within 30 days
  • 40% inheritance tax
  • The inability to offset finance costs against rental income from residential property

However, with a ‘Smart Property Company structure’ you could:

  1. Offset all finance costs as an expense against rental income
  2. Attribute some or all future growth in the value your property investments for the benefit of future generations, thus avoiding inheritance tax at 40%
  3. Pay just 19% corporation tax on profits
  4. Extract your investment capital from their property portfolio without having to pay personal income tax
  5. Reduce the value of your estate for inheritance tax purposes

We have agreed a limited time arrangement with Cotswold Barristers and Property118.

You can benefit from a bespoke tax planning consultation to explore the optimal Smart Property Company structure for your circumstances, without having to pay their usual £400 initial consultation fee.

To take advantage of this opportunity, by clicking on the link below you will be able to watch a video explaining how The Smart Property Company structure  works and to submit an enquiry for a bespoke tax planning consultation.

Click here to find out more details and how YOUR property business can benefit


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