Some good news for the weekend

Some good news for the weekend

We wanted to make sure you had seen this gift from Simon Zutshi because I think it could really help.

TOMORROW evening from 5pm there is a live online 2-hour Master Class, with Author of Property Magic Simon Zutshi, all about the most important skill that you need to master as a property investor which is how to find great property deals in your area.

Previously Simon has sold this online training for £197, but tomorrow you can access it for no cost because you are on my mailing list, so thank you Simon

Click here now to reserve your place.

In this live online Master class, you will learn:

  • What makes a great property deal
  • The quickest way to find deals in your area
  • How to get leads for free
  • How to spot deals that other people would miss
  • How to find buyers to sell deals to
  • How much you can make selling deals
  • Case studies of people like you who have used this strategy

Click here now to register for this live virtual Master Class with Simon.

This training is going to be longer than the normal webinars he runs because he has got a solid two hours of content to share with you and he will allow some extra time to answer your questions.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of this gift by joining Simon live online, on Sunday afternoon at 5pm

PS. As the 2 hours of content that Simon is going to share with you on Sunday is from the first module of his new six-module online training (for which people have paid £1497) he is not going to be releasing a recording of this training, as it would be fair to those people who have paid for it. So the only way you can benefit from this is to joining him live online. I highly recommend that you clear your diary from 5pm to 7.30pm on Sunday, to make sure you gain maximum benefit from this opportunity. Reserve your place now by clicking here.

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