Paul Higgs

paul-higgs-3Paul Higgs

Paul Higgs has purchased, gained planning for and built over 6,000 residential units over a 30 year career.

Paul started his career working for major developers where he gained a wealth of knowledge on planning and development becoming the head of land acquisition for Barratt Developments.

Paul then ventured on his own and set up Millbank group almost 15 years ago, sourcing development sites for others, and where it suited him, developing them himself. Paul has been recognised with many independent awards for his outstanding developments
Paul offers a real insider’s understanding of the development process that will massively improve your skills at every stage.

Paul will help you understand that every property development project starts life as a site (land), with or without existing buildings, which must first be identified and then either controlled or acquired. Once secured, the development then needs to be designed in the optimal way to maximise value and achieve the very best planning permission, because the most significant proportion of the value created from any real development project is added long before construction begins.

Whether you’re an experienced developer, a property trader, or just getting started on your property development journey, there are two closely related skill sets that differentiate the most successful from everyone else.

The first critical skill-set is knowing exactly what to look for to identify real off-market deals, either for your own projects or on behalf of others, and how to then initiate and set up the deal. Once you have this knowledge, all your projects will get off to the best possible start.

The second, more complex, skill set is knowing exactly how to create the optimum design to maximise the value (and your profit) from any opportunity, whilst at the same time winning planning permission as quickly and easily as possible.