Why Network

Why Network?

No-one knows everything! There are many events being held all over the country each and every week, where you can meet like-minded people who understand what you are doing and, provide a supportive environment for you to constantly learn. Sometimes property investing can be a lonely business, as well as the fact that your family and friends probably just don’t get it.

Popular topics include

  • How to acquire property for virtually nothing
  • How to massively increase your cashflow
  • How to find the best property deals
  • How to avoid the biggest property mistakes
  • How to use Lease options to make money
  • Cutting edge tax and wealth planning
  • How to recycle your property cash
  • Why cash flow is king
  • How to control property with little input
  • Turning property into a business and what systems you need
  • How to maximise refurb’s

You will find service providers and other contacts from word of mouth recommendation, this is far better than the trial and error method that most investors experience.

While the market has been changing so much over the last few years, it is now particularly important to keep up to date with new strategies – the strategies that worked two years ago are probably not the best strategies to use right now.

These are just a few of the great reasons to attend property networking events, so get along to at least one a month!

How To Maximise Your Evening:

1. Make sure you have plenty of business cards to share your contact details. Aim to make 5 new contacts each month.

2. Make the most of your networking time arrive early at the event – Chat to the speaker and get to know the organisers, don’t get tied up with one person. Catching up with old friends is great but that should not be why you come!

3. Keep an open mind – There is always something new to learn, make sure you go home with at least one pearl of wisdom.

4. Why are you there? – What would you like to achieve from the evening?

5. Do you have a skill or service you can offer? You may meet a Joint Venture partner with complementary skills, speak up but don’t share your life history (interesting as it may well be!)

6. What will you do with your new contacts? Spreadsheet? Mailchimp? iContact? Your choice, but don’t just waste them in the bottom drawer of your desk!

7. Can I bring brochures, business cards and samples? Yes we have a PROMO table to help you promote your property business to landlords and investors and actively encourage you to do so!